The Project

The Story of Catholic Schools -Telling the Story, Growing the Story

A project sponsored by the Executive Directors of Catholic Schools in the Dioceses of NSW & ACT

This project is intended as a resource to supplement aids already in use in the induction of beginning teachers and staff new to working in Catholic school systems. A main focus is on the story and the mission of Catholic schools along with an invitation to all who work in Catholic schools to remember why the schools exist as a separate sector and to honour the legacy inherited.

In addition to its use as part of the induction process, the video could well be used as a component of staff reflection/retreat days to deepen a shared understanding of, and commitment to, elements which comprise the distinctive character of a Catholic school.

To invite conversation about issues raised, the video is divided into three segments, inviting a pause after each segment.

This site also includes links to a number of other resources from the dioceses of NSW and ACT.

Segments and themes:

  • The MISSION of the Catholic school –the integration of life, culture and faith.
  • Snapshot of the HISTORY of Catholic schools – though humble beginnings and struggle to a highly respected sector of the education landscape in Australia.
  • The FUTURE and HOPES for the growing of the story in creative fidelity to the vision of the pioneers.